Evolve Assessment & Diagnostics is committed to conducting evidence-based independent medical evaluations and treatment services in a safe and respectful environment with a focus on second-to-none service, impartiality, ethics, and financial prudence.

All persons served by Evolve Assessments and Diagnostics have the right to:

  • Privacy and confidentiality; 
  • Being treated with respect and dignity, free from abuse, financial or other exploitation, retaliation, humiliation, or neglect;
  • A responsive formal complaints process free from retaliation or barriers to service; and,
  • An impartial, ethical, and evidence-based medical or vocational evaluation which includes a clear explanation of its purpose, scope, and limitations.

Evolve will not tolerate employees, consultants, or external service providers acting in such a way as to deny persons served of these basic rights. Evolve commits to assisting persons served in making and lodging a complaint where such basic rights are violated. If any person served is dissatisfied with the services that they have received, they have the right to submit a formal complaint. Evolve will investigate all concerns through a structured format that provides fair and impartial results, identify ways to prevent this from occurring in the future, and advise the person making the complaint of the outcome.

General procedure

Persons served can make us aware of situations where their rights have not been respected by any of the following methods:

  • Complete and submit a Persons Served Complaint Form by calling and speaking to any Evolve staff member or through submission on Evolve’s website.
  • Complete the Client Satisfaction Survey provided by the assessor or via the website.
  • Complete a complaint form with the assistance of a staff member in-person or by calling Evolve at 1-866-432-7211
  • Contacting Evolve in writing via physical letter or email
  • Ask a representative, at their own expense, to assist with the complaint process by calling, writing a letter, submitting a complaint form, or completing the Client Satisfaction Survey on behalf of the person served

Persons served shall in no way be subject to disciplinary action or retaliation from the organization, in the form of denial or termination of services or loss of privileges, if they file a complaint.

Evolve is responsible for investigating and dealing with all incidents and complaints in a timely and fair manner, respecting the privacy of all concerned as much as possible and in accordance with Evolve’s Complaint Policy, and Rights of Person Served.

When a complaint is made, Evolve will acknowledge receipt of the formal complaint and respond to the appropriate person(s) within 2 business days. Evolve will follow a structured complaint investigation process including collecting information and insight from related persons, as required.  Depending on the nature of the complaint, Evolve may seek legal counsel to assist and advise the organization, if required. Evolve will attempt to resolve the complaint, and provide a formal written response to the appropriate person(s) within 20 business days of receipt of the formal complaint. The formal written response will include a copy of the original complaint, a summary of the investigation, and a statement of findings.

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