Did the assessor clearly explain the nature and purpose of today’s assessment?*

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    Please explain:


    Did the assessor conduct himself/herself in a professional manner?*

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    Please explain:


    Were you provided with the opportunity to present all of your concerns and respond to all questions from the assessor during the assessment?*

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    Please explain:


    Prior to this assessment did you receive a reminder call?*

    If transportation services were arranged to get you to and from the assessment were they on time and courteous?*

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    Please explain:


    If interpreter services were used during your assessment were they effective in assisting you to communicate with the assessor?*

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    Please explain:


    Do you have any further comments regarding today’s assessment?

    Do you feel that you have had adequate information provided to you to accurately conclude your assessment opinion?*

    If you wish to be contacted by a member of management regarding any feedback you may have and/or to lay a formal complaint, please indicate “YES” and complete the following section: *

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