We are quality focused at Evolve Assessments and Diagnostics.

Evolve is dedicated to Continuous Quality Improvement in all aspects of service delivery.

Staff Training

Evolve understands that the road towards exceeding customer expectations begins with the competency of its staff. This is the focus of Evolve’s rigorous staff training program which focuses on developing a comprehensive and pragmatic knowledge base among its administrative team. Staff training focuses on:

  • Developing a working knowledge of all regulatory frameworks under which Evolve services may be provided
  • Developing an understanding of all potential customers and the unique needs and expectations of each
  • Developing a keen sense of urgency around timelines
  • Ongoing monitoring of legal and regulatory precedents including dissemination of this information to all staff
  • Developing a working knowledge of all medical, vocational, and rehabilitative services provided
  • Ongoing maintenance of specific administrative skills through continuing education and training

Assessor Quality

Evolve approaches assessor quality from two perspectives: proactively at the point of recruitment and on an ongoing basis through quarterly review of assessor performance.

In selecting assessors to be included on its national roster, Evolve Management conducts a thorough review of the candidate’s educational background, professional qualifications, membership in regulatory bodies, professional development/continuing education, and overall clinical and industry experience. Furthermore, a background check is completed to ensure that any potential assessor does not have any disciplinary action held against them through their regulatory bodies.

Evolve Management conducts quarterly review of a sample of assessors on its roster, ensuring that all assessors are reviewed annually. This involves a review of a random sample of reports and any external or internal complaints that have been filed through our structured complaints process.

Report Quality

Evolve Assessments and Diagnostics has developed a highly structured and thorough review process for all reports. The aim of this process is a “zero complaints” standard.

Upon submission of each report, it is reviewed by both a clinical supervisor for clinical, technical, and regulatory quality as well as an administrative reports coordinator who double checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation prior to a full formatting of the report to ensure visual uniformity of all final Evolve reports.