To be a CARF certified provider of third party medical assessments and be known as the “go to” provider in the industry. We will be an efficient and effective company poised for continual growth.


 To conduct evidence-based independent medical evaluation and treatment services through a focus on second-to-none customer service, impartiality, ethics, and financial prudence.


 We live the following values:
  1. Ethics: We will never compromise our high ethical standards. We will provide customers with ethical, unbiased assessment in a fiscally responsible manner
  2. Customer Service: We serve three customer groups – the person who referred the person served, the person receiving the services, and the health professional or vocational assessor providing the assessment or treatment service. We will continue to go above and beyond in everything we do.
  3. Honesty: We will continue to be transparent in everything we do.
  • Evolve recognizes the need for a full commitment to impartiality and transparency amongst its entire staff and roster of assessors. This commitment to impartiality is explicitly stated within the mission statement and is an integral element of all training of staff and orientation of new assessors. In short, Evolve does not stand for any biased behaviour or assessment partiality and rigorously monitors for this throughout its quality assurance protocol.
  1. Treating everyone with Respect: We treat everyone we “touch” with the utmost care and respect.
  2. Leadership: We continue to drive to becoming a leader in the industry for innovation.
  3. Empathy: We are sensitive to our person’s served needs throughout the assessment process while also considering the perspectives of the other two customer groups we serve (the referral source and the health practitioners or vocational experts who conduct the assessment).
  4. Corporate Social responsibility: We continue to be good corporate citizens.
    • Evolve is very proud of its CSR policies and collective social conscience. The following highlights this dedication to internationally accepted CSR practices:
    • Evolve is paperless, however, there is still documentation that is provided as a hard copy. Evolve works to educate both customers, assessors, and suppliers of ways to provide documentation to Evolve paperless. Evolve encourages all of its referral sources to register and access its automated web-based management information system, Evolution Smart Simple, which allows for completely paperless documentation review, referral-submission, and encrypted electronic communication.
    • A vast majority of Evolve’s assessors also use Smart Simple for all aspects of documentation review and communication, again eliminating the need for hard copy paper documentation.
  5. Corporate Citizenship: Evolve is proud to recognize the importance of giving back to its local community and contributes financially to a variety of charities and participates actively in numerous community-based charity events. Evolve recognizes that it operates within a global community and is proud to sponsor “casual Fridays” in which staff are permitted to dress in “business casual” attire for the cost of a “toonie” which is donated monthly to a staff member’s choice charity. Evolve recognizes the importance of engaging its staff in this initiative and is proud of the charities staff members have chosen.
  6. Work-life balance: Evolve believes in the importance of work-life balance for its staff and is proud to be flexible and proactive in assisting them with their own personal health, physical fitness, and ability to tend to their own personal and family needs during work hours. This includes opportunities to exercise at lunch breaks, provide “flex time” to allow for response to family illness or emergency, work from home initiatives to allow for family care, and a unique rewards system for acknowledging when staff members go “above and beyond” both for the good of the company or the community as a whole. Evolve has a Wellness Reimbursement Policy.